Preconstruction Services

Jay Graham
Director of Preconstruction

The primary focus of Parrish Construction Group during the preconstruction phase is understanding the unique needs and goals of our clients and developing a construction plan to support those needs.

We work conscientiously to maximize value and maintain balance between project attributes, cost and schedule, without sacrificing quality, to ensure the goals of our clients are exceeded. Successful completion of preconstruction is critical to ensuring overall project success.

Preconstruction is central to the work done at Parrish Construction Group.  From inception through construction, our teams work closely with trusted subcontractors to ensure realistic and accurate cost estimates for the Georgia market. Our preconstruction professionals work diligently to provide cost versus value comparisons so our clients make informed decisions related to project goals.

In fact, our experienced construction professionals perform 100% of our estimating and scheduling services in-house. These professionals know the local market and have the expertise to provide accurate costing information.  Our team also relies on our detailed database of project costs based on our historical data from years of educational construction across the state of Georgia.

From time constraints on use of funds to rigid school opening dates, Parrish understands the unique schedule requirements faced by our educational clients.

We have focused our expertise in successfully completing our projects within those requirements and have never missed an educational facility opening date.

Parrish maintains an unwavering focus on quality and accuracy of information and technical expertise in preconstruction. Our proactive approach to communication and participation coupled with our culture of teamwork ensure the success and client satisfaction of our preconstruction efforts.

Extensive educational construction experience and an impressive record of meeting and exceeding the expectations of our educational clients are integral to the Parrish experience.

We encourage you to call Parrish for your next project and experience our professionalism and expertise educational construction.