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Facility Planning

Parrish has organized a dedicated facility planning team to assist in the planning of your projects. In fact, we are the only construction firm in the state that employs a retired state facility consultant!

Our team collaborates with project architects and school systems to look wholistically at the property to address design relative to master planning, safety planning, traffic flow planning, programmings, building conditions, building efficiency, and funding maximization

Master Planning

The Parrish Team is proficient and experienced in working collaboratively with owners and stakeholders to turn ideas and visions into a plan of action. Using a combination of known factors, current and future needs, and budget analysis, we work tirelessly to provide the research and knowledge necessary for owners to make value-based decisions, beginning as early as site selection.

Delivery Methods

1. Design-Build Experts

Our construction management teams thrive in a Design-Build environment, as we are able to maximize our knowledge from previous work experiences and successes to deliver yet another dynamic facility for an owner. Beginning with our state-of-the-art preconstruction department, the Parrish Design-Build process offers a turn-key experience for the client, with one team of professionals being engaged throughout all phases of design, preconstruction and construction management.

2. Construction Management

Since 1995, Parrish has been providing owners across Georgia with effective management of their project’s schedule, cost, quality, safety, scope, and function. Parrish’s construction management services are compatible with all project delivery methods and include seasoned professionals with decades of experience from the office to the field.


The Parrish team is blessed to have a highly skilled and seasoned group of professionals with expertise in a variety of disciplines. We have an in-house preconstruction department that not only provides invaluable coordination amongst the numerous consultants, but assists the project architect with systems integration.


By using virtual design and construction processes Parrish is able to collaborate and communicate with your design team to provide a better understanding of your buildings. Our team has extensive

experience implementing VDC technologies and analysis throughout the construction process to help eliminate costly constructability issues, improve quality control, increase productivity, and enable new ways of working and communicating.